Rudy Trucking gave me my dream wedding gown

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Here is a testimonial from one of our clients who made use of our shipping company to turn her dream of wearing her choice of wedding gown possible.

“Hello Rudy Trucking team. My name is Rhoda, and I am a newly wedded bride. I am not really into writing to companies either to appreciate what they have done for me or to complain of what they have not done right. But in the case with your company, I have to come out and appreciate you guys because without you, my goal of having my dream wedding, and in this case, my dream wedding gown would not have been possible. It took me months to plan my wedding, get the right people for different tasks I needed carried out, but when it came to wedding gown, I only had eyes for one out of many other options. It was the only gown that I could see myself wearing on my special day. I could not pass on and no other dress would do. Well, let me also tell you why I chose the gown I chose. You see, I am on the plus size and many people like me know that getting a wedding gown of our size can be a daunting one. I searched many websites that sell wedding gown and only found few that had my size. They also did not have beautiful styles for plus sized people and this left me discouraged and sad, until I bumped on one website that catered to would be plus sized brides like us. I fell in love with one of their gowns and even the model that wore it has the same body frame like mine and so I placed my order. Unfortunately, they said they were not able to deliver to my state. I was so sad, I refused to eat and even wrote to online wedding website where I found the gown and explained how badly I needed the gown and they only replied they were sorry as they could not really do much. I had given up hope on wearing that particular gown until thankfully, my cousin got to know of my challenges and referred me to you guys, I was so amazed at the ease with which you guys took the stress off my shoulders without asking for so much money. I wore that wedding gown I wanted because you guys made it possible. So, from my heart, I say a big ‘thank you’. I will always make use of you guys for all my shipping needs.”